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Losing some hair strands every day is normal. Also, the lost hair grows back for most people. However, certain medical conditions can interfere with the normal growth of hair, including hormonal imbalances, stress, and aging factors, among others. In such cases, the hair falls but does not regrow and this condition is called alopecia. Well, hair treatments can come to your rescue to promote hair growth.

Hair Loss: Different Types

There are various types of hair loss, out of which some are temporary while others are permanent. Among the common types of hair loss are Telogen effluvium, Alopecia areata, Androgenic alopecia, and Anagen effluvium. Depending on the nature of your hair loss and physical condition, the hair experts will recommend suitable treatments.

Hair Loss: A Host of Treatments

You could try a range of home remedies for hair loss treatment. If you continue to lose hair, you should consult your dermatologist to know your options in hair thinning treatments, which could include:

1) Corticosteroids

If you have a few patches of alopecia areata, you might want to consider the option of Corticosteroid injections. This medication is injected into the balding areas on your scalp to promote new hair growth. Your dermatologist will recommend coming for a session every 4 to 8 weeks for retreatment. Many patients with patchy alopecia areata have met with favorable results after availing this treatment.

2) Hair Transplantation

Both males and females may experience pattern baldness and hair transplantation could prove to be an effective solution to curb their hair loss.

As part of hair transplantation, the doctors extract hair follicles from a part of your body, which can be referred to as the “donor sites”. Thereafter, the extracted hair follicles are inserted on the bald portions of your scalp and these areas are called ‘’recipient sites”.

Besides the scalp, hair transplant surgery can help to restore hair growth around the chest, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Among the main types of hair transplant surgeries are:

(i) FUT Hair Transplant

Also called the strip method, the FUT procedure involves the removal of hair strips from the donor area for implantation into the recipient site. After the hair strips are extracted, they undergo microscopic processing. Subsequently, the surgeon uses a hollow needle to implant the follicular units into the recipient area. In a single FUT session, a large number of hair shafts can be implanted.

(ii) FUE Hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant procedure includes the harvestation of a few follicular units from thick hair growth sites for implantation into the bald scalp portions. The doctor makes small punch incisions for hair extraction and implantation in this minimally invasive approach, eliminating the need for stitches.

(iii) Combined FUT and FUE Approach

Your dermatologist may recommend the combination of FUT and FUE procedures during the advanced baldness stages. This procedure can implant more than 4000 hair grafts in a single session with minimal damage, resulting in fuller-looking hair.

(iv) Semi Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic arms are deployed for hair fixing under automatic transplants. These robotic grafting systems assess the hair quality and density via algorithms. Subsequently, it is determined if automated extraction would be suitable for the patient. This hair transplantation procedure is safe, non-invasive, painless, and fairly affordable.


Addressing hair fall with treatments such as corticosteroids, hair transplantation (FUT, FUE, combined approaches, and semi-robotic hair transplant) offers promising solutions for those experiencing hair loss. However, it is vital to undergo these treatments under the care of a qualified dermatologist. Dermatologists have the specialized training to diagnose the underlying causes of hair fall and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.

At Kosmoderma, our experienced dermatologists utilize cutting-edge techniques and advanced technologies to deliver safe, effective, and personalized hair fall treatments. Choosing a professional ensures not only optimal outcomes but also the health and integrity of your scalp and hair. Rely on Kosmoderma for your hair fall treatments and experience the confidence that comes with expert care.

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