Tired of your excessive sweating concerns and looking at having a solution which maybe lasts permanently and saves you from trying all the deodorants or DIYs for a change? Well, Kosmoderma has granted that wish in the form of miraDry, the lasting solution for all excessive sweating concerns for all skin types in just one quick lunch time sessionmiraDry works on the patented microwave technology which creates a consisted focal energy zone at the dermal fat interface which thus reduces the sweat, odor and unwanted hair as well in just one treatment. Parallelly, the hydroceramic cooling further protects and cools the epidermis.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Bangalore

  • Has miraDry been tried before?
  • miraDry destroys the sweat glands, wouldn’t that make it risky for my body?
  • What is the procedure’s duration ?
  • Does the treatment hurt?
  • How long do results last?
Yes, miraDry has been performed on over 100,000 patients across ethnicities in the Americas and Europe before it got introduced in India by Kosmoderma. The results have been 100% effective with no side effects reported till date.
An average human body has 2-4 million sweat glands with less than 2% existing in the under arm region. Eliminating these 2% will thus make hardly any difference to your body’s physical well being and excretionary processes.
The treatment is completed within an hour, everything included and only one session is required.
Local anaesthesia is administered to ensure that the treatment is totally pain free. No side effects have been reported as yet, however, there might be slight soreness or swelling which will gradually go away.
Once the treatment is done, the results will last forever.
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